"Paul George has been a good friend to my family and me for many years since ministering to my NFL teammate’s Bible Study group at the New Orleans Saints. Paul has a special way of weaving his life experiences with antidotal humor and scripture. These ten chapters lead the reader to an examination of conscience that is life giving and transforming. Even the thought questions at the end of each chapter allow for one to go deeper in their journey with the Lord. Paul vividly paints a word picture so that his experiences come to life and at times I laughed out loud with his descriptions of monumental moments that make him the amazing speaker and story teller he is today. My life has been personally changed by my friendship with Paul and all he has offered in sharing his faith journey."

-John Carney

Retired NFL kicker, pro bowler, 3rd all-time scoring in NFL history 

“We invited Lance to speak to the Acadian Companies VP group and were impressed with how well his message resonated. Lance's incredibly diverse background ranges from corporate environments to entrepreneurship, as well as his coaching and ministry. All of those experiences come together in his message. What impressed us the most, however, was the work he put in ahead of time to understand our team and business so that he could truly connect. We couldn't be happier with our experience.”

-Scott Domingue


Safety Management Systems, LLC

“Long story short, I would not be the husband/father/leader/man I am today without Lance’s willingness to invest into me. Our last minute, late night patio conversations were some of the most impactful moments of my life. Lances leadership and willingness to journey with me coupled with his strategic challenges played an integral role in me realizing the foundation that I lacked in my life.

Over the past ten years, our relationship has evolved from a coach/mentor to a friend. I look forward to seeing where we continue to cross paths and am honored to be able to call him my friend.”

-Ben Moody

Managing Partner of South Oak Capital Partners

President and CEO of StoneWall

“Paul led our team with passion, clarity and vision.  We all walked away inspired to pursue our mission.  We consider Paul a part of our team and lean on him for continued guidance.” 

-Karl Broussard -

President, Hospice of Acadiana

“In Re-Think, Paul George  has tapped into the longing of every human heart.  In an engaging manner, accessible for all, Paul is able to help us understand our own heart and at the same time discover the heart of God.  Drawing from his own experience, stories of saints, NFL football players and hurricanes, Paul does a great job and engaging the reader no matter what their life experience, and he shares that happiness is possible.  Paul leads us in discovering where, or in whom our heart will find happiness.”

-Fr. Dave Pivonka

Author, Speaker.

“Everyone desires happiness but no one seems to know where to find it…until now. In ReThink, Paul George doesn’t just ask the question everyone asks, he offers the answer few have found. Drawing from timeless wisdom, personal experience and good, old-fashioned common sense, George walks the reader through the minefield of modern thought with sage wisdom and practical guidance. Each page is filled with anecdotal proof that a life of happiness and true joy is not only plausible but possible! A gifted story-teller, Paul George has penned a thought-provoking read here - one that will leave hearts and minds engaged and moved. I loved this book and cannot wait to give it so those closest to me. Life is meant to be lived not merely survived…ReThink is an invaluable tool to ensure we never sacrifice the former and settle for the latter.” 

-Mark Hart

Executive Vice President, Life Teen, Best-selling Catholic author, Speaker and SiriusXM Radio Host

“I highly recommend Paul's first book. Through the sharing of his personal experiences, Paul provides practical and realistic ways for the ordinary person to grow in one's walk with Christ.   Paul is also gifted speaker, who through  wisdom and life experiences is able to speak to different audiences effectively”

- Bishop Sam Jacobs

“Rethink offers a profoundly inspired examination of the heart so that we can embrace God's love for us, our purpose, and ultimately, true happiness. Paul George is challenging, honest and encouraging in helping us become who we were made to be.”

-Leah Darrow, author of The Other Side of Beauty

“Paul George is an extra-ordinary story teller.  His writing style is like sitting down with a trusted friend and having an engaging conversation that leaves you wanting to know what happens next. In Re-Think, Paul shares delightful stories about his search for genuine happiness, and his missteps along the way.  He also invites us into intimate conversation with people he has accompanied in their  pursuit of lasting fulfillment. The stories are real and engaging and potentially life-changing. There is profound wisdom in this unassuming book.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is longing for greater fulfillment in life.  Isn’t that all of us?”

-Dr. Bob Schutts

“Paul’s ministry has positively impacted millions of young people around the world. He has a unique ability to make the Christian life real and transparent in a way that brings hope for us all.”

- Randy Raus

President Life Teen inc.

“For years now I've witnessed the transforming impact of Paul George at our Steubenville Conferences. His ability to deliver an engaging and relevant  message is unparalleled. 

 - Mark Joseph

Franciscan University

“Along life’s journey, rarely do you meet people who impact you for your lifetime and beyond. Lance Strother is one of those people. I cherish every moment I’ve gotten to share with Lance. Looking forward to our next visit.”  




“Having known Mark literally his whole life- to date- I feel qualified to make the following statements.

Mark conveys through a context of humble honesty his desire to grow in many areas. I have seen him work hard to improve his business to grow it from an idea to over a million dollars. I have observed his work in a marriage that started good and is now great. His friendships are real and honest. The most important growth has been in his spiritual life which guides his conduct on an everyday, everybody basis. Mark has the kind of character that will always prevail and will enable him to help others in so very many ways. I have nothing but admiration for Mark as he has been a shining example a good man in every way. “                             

Tommy Maggio, CLU ChFC

Weber & Maggio

Securities Principal

“It all started sophomore year of high school. I was wanting and being called to something bigger than myself. Having Coach Strother as a teacher really made me realize how I longed for a relationship with God. It was when Coach invited me to Covecrest and the rest is history. Not only did I grow in my faith and in my relationship with others around me but also as a man! I still remember to this day, me and Coach sitting outside our cabin on the front steps opening up to one another and truly sharing an experience that I will take with me for the rest of my life. We talked for hours and that one conversation, along with many others that trip, still hold a very special place in my life. From that day on we have continued to stay in contact with one another and we continue to hold each other accountable spiritually and in life as men! You have and always will be one of my biggest mentors and role models. Thanks for everything Coach!”



“Lance is an inspiration to me and to all those around him.  He inspires me to be a better husband, a better father, and a better man.  I’ve never met anyone who knows Lance and is not a better person because of it.”




"In twenty years of covering business and government, I've not met a more generous and enthusiastic leader than Lance Strother. His dedication to helping others be their best selves is inspiring and welcome in this cynical world."



“Lance Strother is the 'Real Deal'! I first met him as the Youth Minister at STM when my oldest son was attending school there. I have gotten to know him personally through the STM 'Parents for Light' program which is just one of the many positive vehicles that Lance uses to spiritually engage parents and students together. Ultimately being on a mission trip to Puerto Rico showed me how amazing Lance is. He is a man of action, a leader, very smart, caring, gregarious and a talented musician.....all while being extremely humble. In my opinion however; his greatest gift is his ability to actively listen to people and touch their heart while bringing them closer to Christ.”

-John Deats

“Lance Strother is a cheerleader, coach, guru, and ball of passion all rolled into an amazing package of focus, energy and passion.  He is a multi-talented leader of people. He listens and learns and works hard to master crafts and does the self-work necessary to be a solid leader of people.  He is a magnificent teacher but more importantly, he is a dynamic companion who wants all around him to become better through good principles, practices and faith in God. I find him a man of integrity and inspiration. You will leave richer from interacting with him.”

-Mike Patin

Catholic Speaker

“Some people just change lives.

This man is one of them.

I’ve walked my spiritual, personal and professional journey with Mark Weber for the past six years.  I am a different person as a result of that relationship. More importantly, though, I am a better man because of our friendship.

Mark’s willingness to share his wealth of business expertise has helped me to reinvigorate my company.  His insight into sound financial principles coupled with his extensive wealth management background have forced me to focus my energies, time and assets on making sound decisions and propelling my company forward.

Mark has been instrumental in the success of our local men’s self-improvement program, and has led many men in their own spiritual awakenings and in their own personal journeys, myself included.  He has an innate ability to cut to the heart of an issue and to provide concrete solutions for improving and solidifying any type of relationship. Mark has a gentle way of holding men accountable for their actions, thus propelling them toward excellence.

While Leadership is a skill that can be honed, some men simply are born to lead.  Mark’s passion for leading people to greatness, his compassion for those with whom he comes into contact, and his deep desire to bring us to Christ make him an tremendous example..  Mark is a leader, and works to help us all to be phenomenal leaders.

Every aspect of my life – personal, professional and spiritual – has been enriched by what I have learned from Mark.  I have been forced to be much more deliberate and introspective and to delve more deeply into determining exactly what is important in this life.

“As iron sharpens iron, so man sharpens his fellow man.”  Mark is the iron that sharpens everyone around him.”

-Mitch Landry

Attorney at Law

“I first crossed paths with Mark Weber in 2013 a few months after I got married and started my first company. I had a new and struggling marriage at the time and was looking for a home to buy. Mark was able to guide me through that season and help me secure a loan for my first home. Initially what started out as a business deal quickly blossomed into a friendship when I realized that Mark had taken a personal interest in my well being as a person and not just brushed me off as another business deal. Through the process of meeting with Mark to fill out the paper work for our home loan Mark began to develop a friendship with me that has lasted to this day. Being newly wed and facing things I had never faced before Mark took me under his wing and began to give me advice and hands on life coaching that would not only carry me as a person but would also help carry my marriage through some difficult times. Throughout the years he would reach out to me to check on me and make sure that I was moving forward and had momentum. I have embarked on multiple business ventures since meeting Mark and have always found him to be a valuable resource when looking for advice or direction in those ventures. I have also had to navigate through some of life’s tougher seasons and have always found solace and comfort in confiding in Mark through these times. His wisdom in Gods word and life experiences has always been able to pull me through some of life’s tougher turns and I am eternally grateful for that. I never would have thought 6 years ago when I walked into Marks loan office looking for a home loan that I was walking into part of my destiny and meeting someone that God was strategically placing into my life to guide me along during a developmental time in my life as a young man. I have learned that a persons network is their net worth: financially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and even physically, and I am proud to have Mark Weber as part of my network.

-Nathan Carmichael 


Carmichael’s Honey LLC &

The Carmichael Properties LLC

“Two words that come to mind when I think of Lance Strother are Faithful and Leader. I first met Lance as he led a group of High school students and parents on a mission trip to Puerto Rico. I watched and was amazed at how invested Lance is in these students. From staying up and talking one on one till the early morning hours with students while they are in a very  impressionable point in their lives, to up before dawn and organizing the next day. While many people go through life and try or hope to make a difference, Lance IS making a difference. He is changing lives!  He is doing this not only in his students lives, but also parents and business and civic leaders. Many people may do these things because they are asked or it is there job. Lance does it because that’s who he is. I know my life is better for knowing Lance. I have no doubt his experience as a Coach, speaker, mentor and leader will lead to great success in his new business. I Can’t wait to watch Lance, Paul and Mark continue to help others succeed in life and in business.”

-Michael E. Pharr, CFP® Partner-Summit Financial

Summit Financial Wealth Advisors

“Lance Strother is a uniquely gifted man who has wisdom beyond his years. Over the last fifteen years of I’ve witnessed him connect deeply with people of all personality types, ages and backgrounds. From C-Level suite billionaires to a starving orphan, his ability to relate and imbue others with his contagious enthusiasm has helped others grow, achieve and succeed beyond what they ever dreamed possible. He is a man of deep character, integrity and humility. His ability to constantly manage his own priorities amidst a dizzying array of responsibilities across a wide spectrum including athletic and personal coaching, creating music, creating products and successfully taking them to market, consulting with schools, churches and other organizations and growing a student ministry program considered one of the very best in Catholic Schools in North America makes him a true Renaissance man. I cherish every minute I spend with him as I know you will.”

-Roy Petitfils 

Award Winning Author, Licensed Counselor, International Speaker 

“The day I met Mark Weber my life changed forever!  His total love from my soul has inspired me to be the type of pillar Mark has been for me.  His openness and honesty with me made it easier for us to connect.  Every time I see Mark, our connection to each other and to the love of God grows stronger.  Mark’s pure and complete love for my soul, his openness, and compassion for my hurting heart was a major factor in my complete surrender for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I hope to one day be the type of foundation for a hurting soul that Mr. Weber was for me.”


-Luke Lawton

Retired NFL Full Back, Super Bowl Champion 2006 (XLI) with Indianapolis Colts


“A statement as bold as, “I would not be where I am at today, without Mark Weber’s investment in my life” could and should only be followed up with a list that of Mark has lived this out in my life.  I’ll spare the list, but suffice it to say that since I was 18, Mark took me under his wing, and mentored me on everything from Football, to saving, to girls, and faith.  Now, from a heart of gratitude, I seek to live my life out in such a way that I may impact the lives of young men in the way that Mark did for me.  It came as no surprise that Mark decided to start Lead Professionals Group alongside Paul George and Lance Strother, because this is not something new to them, rather an extension of what they have been living out for many years.  I highly recommend anyone I know to connect with and learn from Lead Professionals Group!”

-Ben Domingue

Director of Philanthropy

Fellowship of Catholic University Students

“Lance Strother is one of the most influential and inspiring individuals I have ever met.  He has been instrumental in my life and faith journey, walking with me through my early faith formation, my marriage, then fatherhood, and now as a professional.  I have also had the privilege of working alongside him over the past decade in youth ministry and other leadership events.  

Although Lance’s gifts are many, he has been especially gifted in leadership.  He has mastered the art of effective communication, speaking poignantly  to the heart of all listeners.  He is relatable, no matter the age or interest, and I have witnessed firsthand his devotion to relational ministry.  He is a servant leader.  The kind of leader that every employee, athlete, son or daughter, craves to be around and aspires to become.  His love of others is inspiring.  His zest for life is contagious.  His testimonies are moving.  His love of Jesus is authentic.  You cannot help but desire to be better after being around him.

As a physician and business owner, I can say without a doubt he will inject life into your team, and invigorate you and your colleagues to love and serve and accomplish more.”

James R. White, Jr., M.d.

Otolaryngologist - Head and Neck Surgeon

CameLlia ENT

“I’ve known Lance for around 30 years now and there are not many guys out there like him. Lance is one of the most honest, fair and humble guys I know. He truly has the ability to help motivate and get the best out of people he is training/coaching. One of the things Lance focuses on is attention to detail and he helps you understand the importance of it. I would recommend Lance in any endeavor he chooses, he is an absolute winner and his attitude is contagious.” 

-Matt Moncla 

Moncla Companies 

Lance Strother, also known to me as Coach Stro, has created a lasting impact in my life for 12+ years. It all started on the football field back in 2006. I didn’t realize at that time how much he would lead me to flat out just be a better person. He may have been a coach surrounded by physically gifted athletes, but has always pushed for more out of people. He motivated me on a daily basis on the football field and also in the classroom. He doesn’t care where you come from, the color of your skin, or the language you talk; he will push you to find who you are and how to create a lasting impact in anyone and everyone you come in contact with. It could be said that Lance was put on this earth to motivate and inspire all people of all ages and backgrounds! 

-Donny Washington

United States Military Academy Class of 2013

1x Afghanistan Deployment

Accenture Management Consultant