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We believe in people.  We believe that each individual has a purpose and a calling. We believe that each person desires to reach their fullest potential and we thrive in helping people move forward, gain traction and become the best version of themselves. Our individualized approach and spiritually oriented coaching meets people where they are and moves them forward to where they want to go.


We believe in the art and power of communicating. We deliver a message that is relevant, authentic, and powerful.  We seek to serve each event and organization by understanding our audience and delivering the best message for those present. Our hope is that each person will be motivated to move forward personally, spiritually, and professionally. Prepare to be inspired, moved, and ready to bring positive change to your relationships and organizations.


We believe in leaders. We believe in the power of gathering great leaders and the impact this has on a whole community. We believe that great leaders make great families, teams, organizations & communities. We believe that every leader wants to make an impact and we thrive in helping leaders move forward. Our one day leadership seminars serve as a powerful springboard for leaders to move forward, to connect with other leaders, to gain momentum and become the leader they were meant to be.

Custom/Executive Retreats

Lead Professionals Group has over 50 years of combined experience facilitating custom retreats for organizations and leaders across the country. Each retreat is unique to the specific organizational needs and developmental goals for those in attendance. Executive/Custom Retreats engage attendees on an individual level and an organizational level by providing focused reflection, honest communication, and spiritual guidance related to work morale, positive interaction, family & work-life balance, and the healthiest organizational production. Lead Professionals Group understands the pace of business, the demands of leadership, and the responsibilities that are intrinsic to success. It is our goal, with the tool of Executive/Custom Retreats, to provide a unique and distinct experience that intentionally carves out time from the hustle of everyday work, where undistracted attention can be given to personal, cultural, spiritual, and organizational goals, and where value systems can be reset moving forward. This is a time for recollection and identification of what is most meaningful.

Meet Our Team

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Lance Strother

Lance Strother is an inventor, coach, consultant, speaker, campus minister, musician and teacher. Over the past twenty-two years he has focused on developing people, teams, institutions & businesses. Lance’s passion for life, God and people is evident in all of his work. Lance believes that each person has unique gifts meant to serve the world and he is committed to helping others move forward with that in mind. As a former college and professional football player, Lance has a passion for sports where he has dedicated time to mentoring and coaching young men. He has used his expertise in sports and coaching as a catalyst into developing companies, communities, families, and individuals. Lance co-invented CatchRite and GreatCatch both patented. GreatCatch is sold in stores globally. Lance travels consulting, speaking and coaching at events, camps, retreats, and conferences across the country. He graduated from Arkansas Tech with a degree in Business and holds a Master’s Degree in Religious Education. Most importantly, Lance’s main passion is being a husband to Kat and father to his three children, Maddy, Landon, and Gracie. Lance is Co-Owner & Co-Founder of LEAD Professionals Group. Lance resides in Lafayette, Louisiana.

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Mark Weber

Mark Weber is a husband and father. He has spent 26 years working as a businessman and entrepreneur. Mark's expertise as a Financial Adviser, Insurance Agent, Mortgage Lender, Inventor, and Real Estate Investor gives him a unique view of business and financial issues. He is currently CEO of Mark Weber Enterprises a multi-layered company that deals with properties, investments, insurance and mortgages. Mark is a former college football player at Arkansas Monticello where he earned his bachelor's degree in business. His love for sports led him to co-invent the "GreatCatch" soft hands trainer. Weber licensed GreatCatch to Cutters Gloves in 2007 and SKLZ in 2013, where it is seen on the shelves in stores across the globe. Mark spends time mentoring and coaching individuals about life, leadership and business. Mark is Co-Owner & Co-Founder of LEAD Professionals Group. Mark and his wife Joy hail from Lafayette, Louisiana, and have two beautiful children, Casey and Catherine.

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Paul George

Paul has spent over two and half decades helping people discover the art of living life to its full. Throughout these years, Paul has served in various capacities including: president and co-founder of a non-profit , speaker, mentor, consultant, coach, author, diocesan director, youth minister and college campus minister. It’s his role as a husband and father that Paul cherishes the most.

After receiving an undergraduate degree in education Paul went on to get a master’s degree in Theological Studies from the University of Dallas. Paul played both baseball and football in college.

A passionate speaker and leader, Paul has been blessed to have found a way to combine his love of teaching and serving others with his ability to inspire and ignite change in the lives of those around him. Paul has been married to his amazing wife Gretchen for twenty one years. They have five children: Paul is founder and director of Art of Living, Inc. and is a sought after speaker, consultant, author and life coach. His book, Rethink Happiness, released spring 2018 by Ave Maria Press has taken off. Paul also hosts a weekly national radio show and podcast. Paul is Co-Owner & Co-Founder of LEAD Professionals Group. Paul resides in Lafayette, Louisiana.


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